Forms of Reflexology Course Identifies Seven Reflexive Therapies

Did you know that there are many reflexive therapies? Foot and hand reflexology are just two disciplines under this broader umbrella. This course introduces reflexive therapies and explains how foot and hand reflexology (and others) fit into this broader view of natural therapies. Extract: “The main objective of reflexology and reflexive therapies is to help […]

Zone Therapy, Meridian Therapy, and Reflexology Course

Zone Therapy, Meridian Therapy, and Reflexology Course identifies the relationship among and applications for the three therapies. Novices and multi-credentialed professionals alike appreciated the Zone Therapy, Meridian Therapy, and Reflexology course. Going deeper, the course explores the underlying science and intention of the three therapies. A discussion explores applications, individually and together, to balance the […]

Essential Oils Recipe for Allergy, Cold, Sinus Symptoms

Use 100% pure, unadulterated essential oils. These are safe for children and adults. Recipe: Into a bottle add these essential oils: 2 drops lemon 2 drops peppermint 3 drops rosemary 1 drop eucalyptus (if stronger mixture is desired) 1 drop lavender (to sweeten mixture, if desired) Use: Swirl gently to mix. Place a few drops […]

Essential Oils Relieve Allergy, Cold, Sinus Symptoms

Sniffles abound when seasons change. Authentic essential oils (not perfumed commercial products) are scientifically proven to support the immune system, alleviate symptoms of respiratory challenges (cold, allergy, sore throats, etc.). They also make life a little more pleasant while the body works extra hard to adjust to seasonal changes. These products are available through […]

Research Plus Experience Proves Reflexology Assists Asthma

A child named “Sarah” developed asthma in the 1970s. Her mother taught her foot and hand reflexology to help ease breathing. The child grew up using reflexology to relax and open the lungs for 40+ years. Prudently, Sarah carries her prescription inhaler with her. Fortunately, she rarely has used it, thanks to reflexology. For those […]

Theories of Reflexology Course

Beginners and re-certifying reflexologists go deeper with The Stone Institute’s theories of reflexology course. The course opens with a brief, but in-depth, exploration of the objective of reflexology, which is to balance the body. An underlying principle is to lessen (or heal) impediments to balance (health), including deposits. Extract: “A reflex is a specific area […]

History of Reflexology Course

Beginners and experienced reflexologists enjoy The Stone Institute’s reflexology history course. The course opens with a brief overview of reflexology (what is reflexology?) followed by a timeline of the practices from ancient to current times. A quick tour of India, Egypt, Asia, Tibet, China, and Japan prove the continuous practice and cultural expression of manual […]

It’s Halloween – Buy Skeletons for the Classroom

Skeletons appear in stores in the autumn, and the choice has never been better. It is a perfect time to buy skeletons for the classroom or office. Many are realistic and lifelike. Others are suitable for the desk. At a discount store, I found plastic adult skeletons standing about 15 inches height. The detail (and […]

3 “Must Know” Facts Before Using Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

Question: It seems everywhere I look there are ads for aromatherapy and essential oil products. How can I separate between the marketing hype and the real thing? Answer: This is a key question. Authentic (meaning “real”) aromatherapy and essential oils are readily available. The majority of products sold in America contain laboratory-formulations that mimic scents. […]