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How to Evaluate and Adopt Therapeutic Reflexology (textbook and Instructor Resource Manual)

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There are two Therapeutic Reflexology products:

  • Therapeutic Reflexology: A Step-by-Step Guide to Professional Competence – professional peer-reviewed textbook with DVD and online resources, including full-color interactive foot map. Chapter quizzes for content and foot maps reinforce learning.
  • Therapeutic Reflexology: A Step-by-Step Guide to Professional Competence Instructor Resource Manual – print and online resources for reflexology instructors available in Pearson’s My Health Professions Kit. Includes instructor answers to chapter quizzes; more than 200 PowerPoint slides;  TestGen software, and exams.

Therapeutic Reflexology: A Step-by-Step Guide to Professional Competence

Paula S. Stone

ISBN-10: 013157924X

ISBN-13: 9780131579248

Copyright: 2011

A Complete Preparatory and Review Resource

Therapeutic Reflexology touches on all areas of core reflexology knowledge for practitioners of all levels. Paula Stone takes a medically sound, anatomical and physiological viewpoint while acknowledging other holistic paradigms. Content areas address key topic understanding required of major reflexology certification programs.

The book supports visual learning and demystifies complex techniques, helping practitioners more clearly understand what they are doing and how their techniques impact the human body.

Additional features include:

  • More than 200 color figures illustrating concepts, anatomy, physiology, reflexes, techniques, meridian points and zones, and much more
  • Case studies and a clinical perspective section with concepts and techniques allowing practitioners to visualize how theory and technique come together in practice
  • A companion Professional DVD demonstrates a wide spectrum of reflexology techniques and practices, from table and chair set-ups to master-level techniques shown in no other package

Core Knowledge Approach

Therapeutic Reflexology covers everything needed to be a professional reflexologist. Beginners will learn the foundations of reflexology history and theory as well a techniques and sequences carefully supported by case studies and clinical research. Through tips, notes and graduated sequences, learners are able to progress smoothly to intermediate and advance clinical skills topics.

Clinical Perspective

With evidence-based findings and full documentation research, Therapeutic Reflexology identifies the impact of reflexology on health challenges. This text provides practitioners scientific support for the effectiveness of the therapies they are learning.

Additional Therapeutic Reflexology Resources

My Health Professions Kit

ISBN-10: 0132173786

ISBN-13: 9780132173780

Copyright: 2011

Combine the power of Therapeutic Reflexology with the wealth of online resources meant to improve learner retention and provide additional instructor resources. My Health Professions Kit for Reflexology is an online resource that offers a wealth of tools to support learning and comprehension, including practice quizzes, videos and animations of key concepts, vocabulary review quizzes, audio glossary, and many more resources.

It also includes a full suite of supplements just for instructors including manuals, PowerPoint slides, and lecture notes. Visit to access these useful teaching tools or contact Mollie Stephenson at [email protected] for more information.

A Custom Reflexology Solution that Works for You

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Whether you need to condense the textbook or a complete exam preparatory solution for your organization, Pearson can help. We’ll work with your original content, the library of Pearson content, and online resources to create a package that works for your organization. We can also develop portals to host this custom content for easy online access, allowing you to scale your offering to your members easily.

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