Aromatherapy Overview

Aromatherapy uses leaves, roots, and flowers of aromatic plants to support wellness of the body, emotions, mind, and spirit.

A popular – and often misunderstood – form of aromatherapy is essential oils. Traditional practice, supported by a growing body of evidence-base research, has promoted the use of essential oils for cosmetic, healing, medicinal, purification, sensual, and spiritual purposes.

It is important to distinguish between authentic essential oil and commercial fragrance products. “The healing vitality present in the plant oils vs. the chemical laboratory is part of a larger issue of natural vs. synthetic” products. (Stone, Therapeutic Reflexology.)

Professionally trained aromatherapists utilize high-quality and therapeutic grade essential oils in a variety of ways. Methods include topical application, diffusion, soaks, and scrubs to ignite the body’s innate healing mechanisms.

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