Client Success Stories

[M = Massage] [R = Reflexology]

Brain Surgery, Pain Relief, Restore Range-of-Motion [M, R]

“After recovering from surgery, the neurosurgeon told me the only answer to regain range-of motion and to relieve pain was massage therapy. Paula Stone’s treatment of massage and therapeutic reflexology has given me the only truly measurable and remarkable results.”

David S., Retail Store Manager, TX

Headaches [R]

“A headache I’d had for two weeks went totally away with one reflexology session. I was more than I hoped for. Thank you!”

Debra L, Nurse, St Louis, MO

Broken Ankles, Restore Range-of-Motion [M, R]

“Therapeutic reflexology with massage helps restore and maintain mobility, blood circulation, and flexibility in my ankles and legs. The bodywork is wonderful and a great stress reliever. I feel relaxed and my feet feel great after the reflexology session.”

Wayne Z, Civil Engineer, Lake St Louis, MO

Cancer Treatment [M, R]

“Paula’s relaxing and detoxification massage with reflexology eased the discomfort associated with chemo and radiation. Reflexology in particular helped with pain management in the later stages of treatment. It relieved shoulder pain where the stint was inserted, eased digestion and nausea, improved sleep and rest, and promoted a feeling of connectedness and acceptance with my body. I appreciated reflexology as a spiritual practice that helped me confront issues during this illness.”

J.C., Nurse Practitioner, MO

Dental Office Massage [R]

“Going to the dentist has never felt so good. Foot reflexology helped me to really relax.”

Kathleen F, Dental Office Patient, St Louis, MO

Pain Management, Stress Reduction [M, R]

“I have used many massage therapists in the past and without question your technique [therapeutic eflexology with massage] has proven to deliver the best results for me personally. You are by far the most knowledgeable and effective professional therapist I have ever had work with me.

Your careful and competent work with the condition I have produced outstanding results. You work with me on this painful condition is the only thing that has given me any relieve and has helped me avoid surgery.

Thanks again for being there for me and being such a dedicated professional.”

John P, Certified Financial Planner, TX

Foot Surgery for Plantar Fasciitis [R, M]

“My podiatrist suggested ‘massage’ for flexibility and pain relief following foot surgery for plantar facilities. Therapeutic reflexology with deep tissue massage proved extremely effective and is now part of my maintenance program to keep me on my feet pain free at work and home.”

Lisa E., Dental Assistant, Alton, IL

Computer Stress [M, R]

“I came to you for back pain and tension and your deep tissue massage and reflexology certainly helped with both. The experience went beyond relaxation. Talking with you was enormously informative and beneficial. I gained an understanding of how different bones and muscles of the body impact each other. This has allowed me to break some patterns that were creating tension and discomfort in the shoulders and back, brought about by stress and long hours at the computer. I felt relaxed and a sense of well-being after the therapy. Thank you for the excellent service.”

Rebecca Z, Executive Director, MO

Carpal Tunnel, Scar Tissue [M, R]

“My work takes an enormous toll on the various parts of the body. I was experiencing various types of aches and pains. Through Paula’s soft tissue manipulation and reflexology treatments, I have been able to prevent carpal tunnel, reduce scar tissue found in the body due to a car accident, and reduce swelling. I highly recommend Paula in providing any type of therapeutic massage as well as relaxing, spa quality, massage treatments.”

Josephine W., Quality Control, TX

Chronic Pain [M, R]

“Your skill and mastery of a range of therapeutic reflexology and massage techniques excels all of the others I have experienced. More importantly, your genuine concern with your clients’ well being animates your work. This is readily apparent to anyone who comes to you for help with their aches and pains. I would gladly refer you to anyone I meet who is in need of relief from chronic pain.”

William J., Project Manager, TX

Stress Reduction, Stress Relief, Chronic Pain [M, R]

“Your total integrative approach to bodywork [massage, therapeutic reflexology, stretching, aromatherapy] has helped me gain a new perspective into specific areas of my body that build and hold tension and then create long-term pain. I thought pain had become something I would have to life with. Your treatment helped me gain a new prospective on the relief of chronic pain conditions. Paula, I believe you have an intuitive ability to find the sore and tender spots that need attention and then apply your gift, a healing touch. Your massage will be part of my health maintenance program.”

Susan S, Executive Vice President, TX

Safety, Relaxation, Pain Relief [M, R]

“You see the whole person. You listen, pay attention to details and follow up. . . . I went initially for relaxation. I felt very comfortable and at ease throughout and felt like I was in knowledgeable hands. . . Later I had therapeutic massage and therapeutic reflexology for troubled areas. I was amazed at the difference between the two bodywork approaches and how each serves its own purpose toward wellness. . . . You’ve enriched my life. . . .”

Sherry B., Business Owner, TX

Pregnancy [M]

“I looked forward to my weekly massage during my pregnancy. The sessions relaxed me and were an important part of taking care of myself during this special time.”

Janelle P., DDS, MO

Sports [M, R]

“You have the touch of an angel. Paula spent extra time with me when needed, of her own volition, in helping work out various kinks, which helped tremendously in my subsequent ability to achieve proper rest. I’m sure it enhances my overall well being as well as my effectiveness.

I would not hesitate to recommend Paula to anyone who desires relaxation, stress management, relief from aches and pains or sore muscles, or better mental balance and peacefulness.”

Diane R., RN, M-Ed, Martial Artist and School Director, TX

“Between my teaching schedule and personal commitments, I use my body a lot. Sessions with Paula is an important part of my recovery. It removes the pain to enable me to perform the twists and turns part of the aerobics routine. It is also very relaxing and relieves tension and stress.”

Sharon T., Water Aerobics Instructor, MO

Law Office [M, R]

“Paula provided bodywork [massage and reflexology] services for our office . . . her appointments were consistently booked and our staff was pleased with her timeliness and professionalism.”

Liz R., Human Resources Coordinator, TX

Mental Health [M, R]

“This is a follow up letter for the best massage and reflexology session. I have ever received. You have a gift that contains the highest degree of knowledge, concentration, and intuition. From you moment you begin work one can sense your innate ability coming through.

“Through your highly skilled techniques, you create a feeling of safety and, most of all, one has the assurance that the highest intentions toward health are foremost. . .

“Please keep me in mind as you travel. I would like to have you “do your magic” in the Holistic Department of our hospital in Westchester County, New York, participate in our Municipal Employee Health Fair, or provide training in our Healthcare Institute.

Kitty C., CSW, CASAC, CEAP, EAP Director, NY