Research Plus Experience Proves Reflexology Assists Asthma

A child named “Sarah” developed asthma in the 1970s. Her mother taught her foot and hand reflexology to help ease breathing. The child grew up using reflexology to relax and open the lungs for 40+ years. Prudently, Sarah carries her prescription inhaler with her. Fortunately, she rarely has used it, thanks to reflexology.

For those who need the research to “prove” that it works, read this:

Extract: “In the United Kingdom, foot reflexology was found to be effective for the relief of children’s asthma. 47 primary school children with asthma received foot reflexology. Seven received no treatment. Their parents filled out assessment charts and the children also provided an evaluation. Asthma and hay fever symptoms improved, as well as the children’s self-confidence and behavior. Six months later, 50 percent of the children continued with their reflexology treatments and were able to reduce their prescribed medication.” Therapeutic Reflexology, p. 259.

While research exists, the “proof” is whether reflexology works for you. Learn the location of respiratory reflexes and proper techniques via Therapeutic Reflexology, “Respiratory system.”

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Respiratory System foot reflexology chart

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