A Friend Remembered, Our “Special K”

A friend passed away recently. I celebrate his life. John’s presence remains in memory, in dreams, and in visions of life beyond this earth. Life is a journey we undertake. The journey leads over mountains and through deep valleys. It is the journey that polishes and refines who we are, who we become. Some travelers […]

Life is a Sacred Gift

“Life is a sacred gift. This is not a time to be lazy. Make the most of each and every life experience to unfold into a more self-aware Soul. Ultimately, our actions — when energized by love — transform our lives.” “Natural healing methods open the door to true healing. Our actions take us from […]

Reduce Stress of Life’s Storms

Life is change, and change is stressful. There is no getting around it. You – and I – have the power to change to make life easier, less stressful. To improve our skills to reduce stress and “ride the waves.” For yourself. For those around you. How? We gain inner strength and resilience as our […]

Remove Shoes to Prevent Disease

The ground is thawing, the first migratory birds of spring are arriving, and people are venturing forth to enjoy the milder days. The worst is behind us. Right? Not quite. Now is time to change ONE habit to protect the health of yourself, your family, and your pets. DON’T WEAR your outdoor shoes in the […]

Paula Stone Speaks on Reflexology for Easement of Cancer Symptoms, Pain Relief, Spiritual Balance

We all experience physical pain and discomfort. This presentation offers simple reflexology techniques that anyone can learn – to help yourself, your loved ones, or your clients/patients reduce pain.  Reflexology techniques ease pain arising from everyday living or the easement of symptoms from cancer treatments. Take advantage of this live workshop. It is open to […]

Paula Stone Speaks on Reflexology for Headache and Back Pain at 2012 World Massage Conference

Paula Stone, Executive Director of The Stone Institute and reflexology expert, is a featured presenter at the 2012 World Massage Conference (WMC). Stone’s presentation is “Therapeutic Reflexology to Relieve Headache and Back Pain.” The virtual presentation is on Tuesday, November 13th at 18:00 (6:00 pm EST). “We are pleased to feature Ms. Stone at this […]