Reduce Stress of Life’s Storms

Resting on Shore

Improve our skills to reduce stress and “ride the waves.”

Life is change, and change is stressful. There is no getting around it. You – and I – have the power to change to make life easier, less stressful. To improve our skills to reduce stress and “ride the waves.” For yourself. For those around you.

How? We gain inner strength and resilience as our sincere spiritual practice deepens. True spiritual practice is not an exercise of the mind. It touches that precious most sacred part of you – Soul.

Through sincere spiritual practice, we gain resilience to meet life’s challenges and fend off or recover from acute stress, trauma, and PTSD. If you need “scientific proof” to motivate you, it’s there. People with a spiritual perspective are less affected and heal faster from stress in all its forms.

A wise woman told me a story years ago. Over time I’ve added to this story to incorporate spiritual principles. Here is the story as it is today. After reading, you may choose to make it your story, adding what is meaningful to you.

Sam got into a sound, little boat on the shore of a choppy lake. The goal was right in front on a distant shore. With winds of change howling, it would be hard work to row directly across the lake. Much life force would be depleted in striving to reach the goal.

Make little adjustments to stay on course.

Little adjustments to stay on course.

Instead, Sam rowed obliquely to the opposite shore, allowing the winds to carry the little boat back and forth. Sam made little adjustments to encourage the boat to remain on course. In time, Sam arrived ashore – with energy to enjoy the goal.

How did Sam learn to navigate in the storm? Start small and practice. As a child learning to navigate rivers and lakes, Sam learned the law of economy. In rowing across the lake in calm water, it was important to keep one’s eye on the landing on the distant shore.

Start small and practice.

Start small and practice.

If Sam became distracted and veered in the slightest degree, that small increment widened over the distance landing Sam far to the left or right of the landing. Sam learned early to check periodically to align the boat with the landing or goal, making small changes along the way to remain on course.

Enjoying the lake in calm weather, Sam’s skill grew as Sam grew into a master sailor. Muscles gained “muscle memory” evidenced by a natural grace and expert manual skill. The emotions and mind, accustomed to making minute and quick decisions matured into mental and emotional clarity, focus, and ease.

Enjoy your life.

Enjoy your life.

In following the simple principles in this story, I have made wondrous changes in my life – with less stress. You can, too. Enjoy your life.

I speak from experience. Perhaps my own journey of healing can help you or others. This story is told in “Natural Ways to Heal Acute Stress, Trauma, and PTSD: A True Story of Hope and Healing.”

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