PAULA STONE SPEAKS: Stress, love, and B.J.’s Healing Exercise

I call myself a realistic optimist. Meaning I see life in highly realistic terms, but know that as spiritual beings, we are truly blessed and loved.

We live in stressful times. This letter is about stress, love, and a healing exercise for you to try, if you wish. To help you be happier and healthier.

STRESS. We are happiest – and healthiest – when the heart is open. An open, loving heart is a natural part of us, as humans. Stress closes the heart. Stress hampers the flow of blood, nerve supply, lymph, and bioelectrical energy throughout the body. Sustained stress creates more than 90% (some claim 99%) of ALL illness and disease.

LOVE. To be well or healthy, and remain that way, means to be in balance. Simple enough, right? One simple way to open the heart is to practice GRATITUDE, even when life gets tough. Love heals.

B.J.’S HEALING EXERCISE. A woman (whom I’ll call B.J) had a cancer tumor. This knowledge turned her world upside-down, creating a downward spiral into sadness, loss, and grief. Immediately, and all during her treatments (which were successful) B.J. and her husband did the following.

Before sleep EACH night, they counted – aloud – their blessings. At first, this was a very short list, but the list grew longer as time passed. B.J. noticed that by appreciating the things that were in her life (both now and in the past), she felt more calm, accepting, and happier.

Science details the physiological changes related to emotions. My focus is to encourage you to open your heart to gratitude. For yourself, for your health, for your loved ones. To engage more fully into the life you are living.

When we open the heart, our life transforms. The day-to-day niggling irritations remain (this IS earth, after all). Our spiritual stamina grows to enable us to sustain life’s challenges.

Imagine a buoy on the ocean. The buoy is there is calm weather or storm. A wave comes and swallows the buoy. The buoy has enough buoyancy that it rises to the top of the water. Again and again.

This is how spiritual stamina or resilience works. Inner strength isn’t a given. It must be cultivated by practice and renewal. Try B.J.’s healing exercise once a day for seven days. Tip: It is even more powerful when said aloud AND written.

Let me know how it works for you.

Paula Stone,

Natural Health Advocate

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