Words of Encouragement Reveal Spiritual Lesson for Lasting Happiness

Saint Patrick’s Day words of encouragement reveal gratitude as a way to lasting happiness.

“Be happy with what you have, and you’ll have plenty to be happy about.”

This quote from the U.K. are words of encouragement for tough times. For good times. And, all the moments between.

You and I have a choice. We live in the present moment, past, or future. Whatever we focus on, whatever holds our attention, there we are. When focus is scattered, we miss our lives, which unfolds moment by moment before our very eyes. And ears. And mind. And heart.

The phrase, the Luck of the Irish, recognizes a people’s achievements. What is often overlooked is history: their success results from skill coupled with perseverance in the face of adversity. Determination and diligence spring from the innermost part of us that strives to live, survive, and thrive.

Saint Patrick’s Day celebrates the gifts of the Irish culture.

We can learn from these words of encouragement. Take a moment to reflect on the power of an attitude of gratitude. Gratitude opens the heart to the blessings of life and love. Gratitude reduces stress, heals, and enriches the life you are living now. A blessing is present in sunshine and rain. Always.

“The simple path to healing is to acknowledge accountability with love and compassion for oneself and others. Learn. Grow. Go forth with gratitude for the experience, and live better choices. Starting now.” ~ from Natural Ways To Heal Acute Stress, Trauma, And PTSD: A True Story of Hope and Healing by Paula S. Stone (now available at Amazon.com)

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