Air Force Vet Learns to Relax via Professional Reflexology

We know how to work, often at high levels of focus and concentration. But, who teaches us to relax? to reduce stress?

True relaxation restores energies lost during intense work. We can learn to relax, as the case study of the retired airman illustrates. The choice is ours.

A retired Air Force veteran came for professional reflexology at the request of his wife. The man did not want massage, but was willing to have his feet worked. The session lasted one hour. He left feeling elated yet relaxed, and pain free. His wife said he was ecstatic. She had never seen him so relaxed.

Through the experience, this retired airman learned that he could achieve deep states of relaxation. Encouraged, he is changing his behavior. He is learning progressive relaxation techniques to perform at home. These lower blood pressure and reduce stress (and counter the negative effects of sustained stress on health and memory). Continuing his professional reflexology sessions, he is accepting aromatherapy and other therapies integrated into the reflexology session.

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Paula S. Stone


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Paula Stone AA-Ed is an accredited reflexology instructor by the American Commission for Accreditation of Reflexology Education and Training.

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