Therapeutic Reflexology: A Step-by-Step Guide to Professional Competence

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Title: Therapeutic Reflexology: A Step-by-Step Guide to Professional Competence

Author: Paula S. Stone

Published Date: Jul 26, 2010

Published by Prentice Hall

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ISBN-10: 0-13-157924-X

ISBN-13: 978-0-13-157924-8

Format: Book


This book teaches all areas of core reflexology knowledge for students in classes or programs at all levels. Paula S. Stone takes a medically sound, anatomical and physiological viewpoint, while acknowledging other holistic paradigms. Beginners will learn the foundations of reflexology history and theory; as well as techniques and sequences carefully supported by case studies and clinical research. Tips, notes, and graduated learning sequences help practitioners progress smoothly to intermediate and advanced clinical skills. A companion Professional DVD demonstrates a wide spectrum of reflexology techniques and practices, from table and chair set-ups to master-level techniques shown in no other package. Some additional features include:

  • Professionally Produced, Full-Color Reflex Maps
  • More than 200 Color Figures
  • Technique Boxes
  • 18 Step-by-Step Illustrated Protocols
  • 50+ “Information-at-a-Glance” Tables
  • More than 450 Key Terms, Organized Into Specialized Glossaries
  • Teaching DVD with Cross-References in the Book
  • Tips, Suggestions, Hints, and Insider Knowledge

Table of Contents

Part I: Overview of Reflexology Chapter

1: Introduction to Reflexology Chapter

2: Theories of Reflexology Chapter

3: Zone Therapy, Meridian Therapy, and Reflexology Chapter

4: Forms of Reflexology Chapter

5: Reflexology, Massage, and Allied Practices

Part II: The Reflexology Practice Chapter

6: Wellness Models Chapter

7: Session Fundamentals and Charting Chapter

8: Reflexology Practice and Business Chapter

9: Self-Care for Reflexologists

Part III: Fundamentals of Reflexology Chapter

10: Orientation to the Body Chapter

11: Anatomy and Physiology of the Foot and Leg Chapter

12: Guidelines and Stabilization Chapter

13: Touch, Thumb and Finger Techniques

Part IV: Reflexology in Practice Chapter

14: The Body Chapter

15: Integumentary System Chapter

16: Skeletal System Chapter

17: Muscular System Chapter

18: Nervous System Chapter

19: Cardiovascular System Chapter

20: Sensory System Chapter

21: Respiratory System Chapter

22: Endocrine System Chapter

23: Lymphatic System and Immunity Chapter

24: Digestive System Chapter

25: Urinary System Chapter

26: Reproductive System


A: Resources

B: Professional Ethics and Standards of Practice

C: Charts

D: Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

E: Table of Health Challenges

F: Glossary

Biological and Medical Terms

Body Orientation and Movement

Reflexology and Bodywork Terms

Reflexology Techniques

Reflexology Reflexes

Business and Practice Terms

G: Bibliography

General Interest

Business, Ethics, Philosophy, Intention

Reflexology, Massage, and Other Forms of Bodywork

Allied Practices


Index of Reflexes

Index of Tables

Index of Figures


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