Reflexology Helps Relieve Sinus Congestion

Allergy season is back! Reflexology helps relieve sinus congestion. Here’s how . . . .

Case Study: Reflexology Decongests Blocked Sinuses

A young woman’s sinuses were blocked. Pain radiated across her forehead. A foot reflexology session emphasized all ten toes – from deep in the webbing to the tips. The method is simple: pretend the toes are completely dusted in chalk. Work the toes thoroughly to remove all the imaginary chalk. Be gentle and thorough. Lighten pressure on tender areas. Return to them as needed. Mucus ran freely from both nostrils by the end of the session. No more sinus congestion!

What are sinuses?

“Sinuses are air-filled space located around the nasal cavity and other places in the skull. . . . Functions vary, but sinuses lighten the weight of the skull and hold excess fluids to release through the nose, mouth, or digestive system. Congested sinuses affect respiration. Inflammation of the mucus membranes that line sinuses is called sinusitis.” (1)

Where are sinus reflexes?

The sinus reflexes are located in the tips of all toes and fingers. Apply pressure to work the sinus reflexes. (2)

Learn Therapeutic Reflexology

Sinuses are located throughout the skull. Mirroring this anatomical relationship, sinus reflexes are located within the head reflexes. The head reflexes are located on the distal joints of all toes and fingers. Pressing reflexes for the head, eyes, and nose affects the sinuses. (3)

Read more . . . . Therapeutic Reflexology provides full color professional illustrations of the human respiratory system and foot reflexology respiratory system reflexes and techniques (chapter 21). The same with the sensory system reflexes (chapter 20).

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Learn more:

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