Grandma's Water Recipe

Grandma’s Water Recipe

Like exercise, massage and reflexology increase metabolic activity. Sufficient water intake promotes the elimination of toxins, waste, and impurities from the body. Insufficient water impairs the body’s ability to perform its functions, to maintain, and to heal itself. To ensure adequate hydration, drink your full allotment of water 24 hours following a session. What kind of water? […]

Grandma's Soak Recipe

Grandma’s Soak Recipe

Massage and reflexology manually flush toxins, waste, and impurities from body tissue. To prevent soreness and assist with elimination, soak as soon as possible following a massage or reflexology session. Grandma’s Soak Recipe is a time-proven remedy. Ingredients:  2 cups Epsom Salts,  1 cup Apple Cider Vinegar,  a few drops lavender essential oil (not flavoring or perfume) […]

Why Students Need to Develop Their Vocabulary

Why Your Students Need to Develop Their Vocabulary

“Why Your Students Need to Develop Their Vocabulary,” by Paula. S. Stone. Sohnen-Moe Associates: Teacher’s Aide July, 2011, pp. 1-4. Article, Resources, Classroom Caper, Tips for Helping Students Love Literacy. A professional once asked me, “Do you have any tips for memorizing?” My response was “Learn the material, don’t memorize it… (read full article)

Massage Reflexology Services

Massage / Reflexology Services Offered

Relaxation Massage and Swedish Massage The skin is anointed with aromatic and therapeutic oils or lotions using the smooth gliding strokes of Swedish Massage. The feet receive extra attention to ensure flexibility and wellbeing. The client is unclothed and covered by a drape at all times. The part being worked (back, leg, arm, and so […]


Reflexology, an Invaluable Practice

RAA News Magazine (Fall, 2009) ~ Paula Stone authors a chapter in Patricia J. Benjamin’s best-selling instructional massage handbook – “Reflexology is an invaluable practice that integrates the mind, body, soul and sole; and as an exceptionally skilled, knowledgeable and dedicated instructor of reflexology, Paula Stone was a great choice as a contributing author for […]

Massage for Active Seniors

Massage For Active Seniors

Massage Therapy Journal (Winter 2004) ~ Massage For Active Seniors – These Methods Will Ensure That Your Older Clients Remain In Good Shape For Years To Come /  “Today’s active seniors can expect to live a longer, healthier life than ever thanks to advances in medical science, nutrition and the desire to remain fit and engaged […]

The Spirit Seeker Hour with Paula S. Stone

Reflexology: A New Face To An Ancient Art

Reflexology: A New Face To An Ancient Art / Spirit Seeker/ October 2005 / Vol. 9:: No. 13 / “A martial art student asked a revered teacher, “Teach me, Master, the secret of your art.” The Master smiled, gently and leaning forward whispered, “Practice.” This little story presents a truth I share with clients and […]

Therapeutic Reflexology Book

Therapeutic Reflexology – The Book

Book Available Now! Paula Stone’s Therapeutic Reflexology: A Step-by-Step Guide to Professional Competence Published by Pearson Education View Chapter, Table of Contents, features, much, much more! Click to Buy Now 25% off Retail Free Shipping (continental US) Limited Time Only EDUCATORS from colleges, universities, and career colleges, contact your Pearson Sales representative via Click […]