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The Stone Institute Is a Lineage School

Learn techniques to help the body heal.

Learn techniques to help the body heal.

The Stone Institute is a “lineage* school*” for those seeking professional education in reflexology, massage, and other healing arts. What does this mean? How is a lineage school different from other options?

A lineage school offers training* and education* learned from a predecessor in a specific healing art or discipline. There is a direct, unbroken line between teacher and student. Emphasis is on transferring knowledge, skill, technique, and wisdom gained from accumulated expertise to the next generation of healers, therapists, and practitioners. Class size is small to provide a quality education experience.

A corporate school* or college offers instruction* in a wide variety of fields. Massage is one of many programs offered. Reflexology may be included as a short lesson or introductory course. Class size is typically larger than in a privately owned or lineage school.

The Stone Institute direct lineage courses include core and advanced studies in reflexology, advanced massage therapy, and other healing arts. We blend time-proven tradition with best practices in contemporary education and bodywork.

 * Grow Smarter: Learn Words

  • Ancestor – “A forerunner or predecessor.”
  • Corporate School – a school or institution of higher learning that is owned and operated by a for-profit business entity.
  • Education – Formal schooling designed to obtain knowledge or skills
  • Instruction – The act or practice of providing direction or education in order to learn something
  • Lineage – “A direct descent from a particular ancestor.”
  • School – “An institution for instruction and learning.”
  • Training – “To make or become proficient in with specialized instruction and practice.”

Material is quoted from American Heritage Dictionary.

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Paula S. Stone


Paula founded The Stone Institute LLC and its programs to empower individuals to make the best choices for their health and well being.

Paula Stone AA-Ed is an accredited reflexology instructor by the American Commission for Accreditation of Reflexology Education and Training.

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