Do I Need a Reflexology License?

A common question is “Do I need a license to practice reflexology?”

This is two separate questions: “Do I need a license to practice reflexology”” (professional license) and “Do I need a business license to practice?” (business license).

The universal answer for professional and business licensing is: Check with your state professional licensing board and the city licensing department. A state and/or city license means the state and/or city is granting permission within its jurisdiction to perform reflexology (professional license) or operate a business (business license).

When no specific state law exists for professional reflexology licensing, it may be that reflexology is an unregulated profession, the law is silent on the subject, or permission to practice reflexology falls under another license, such as massage therapy or nursing.

Ultimately, each person is accountable to the laws of the state or the city in which he or she practices. So, it is best to ask the authorities – the state licensing board or the local government that manages licenses.

For more, read Therapeutic Reflexology, pp. 75-87.

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License is “official or legal permission to do or own a specific thing.” It is also “proof of permission granted, usually in the form of a document, card, plate, or tag.”  SourceAmerican Heritage Dictionary, 3rd ed., p. 395

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