Grandma's Water Recipe

Grandma’s Water Recipe

Like exercise, massage and reflexology increase metabolic activity. Sufficient water intake promotes the elimination of toxins, waste, and impurities from the body. Insufficient water impairs the body’s ability to perform its functions, to maintain, and to heal itself.

To ensure adequate hydration, drink your full allotment of water 24 hours following a session. What kind of water? The purest you can find. 

How much water to drink? Grandma’s water recipe offers a convenient method to gauge hydration needs. It is adaptable to all ages and lifestyles.

Grandma’s Water Recipe: Your body weight in pounds becomes the number of ounces of water. Drink 30% to 50% of this value per day.  Drink 4 to 6 ounces (4-6 swallows) every half hour. This avoids overworking the kidneys.

For example: You weight a 100 pounds. This becomes 100 ounces. Drink 30 to 50 ounces of water daily.

Medical professionals encourage higher water consumption when physically active, ill, or taking medications. Consult your physician when concerns about  kidney function are a factor as less water may be desirable.

To learn more, read Therapeutic Reflexology, p. 135.


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