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Massage / Reflexology Services Offered

Relaxation Massage and Swedish Massage

The skin is anointed with aromatic and therapeutic oils or lotions using the smooth gliding strokes of Swedish Massage. The feet receive extra attention to ensure flexibility and wellbeing.
The client is unclothed and covered by a drape at all times. The part being worked (back, leg, arm, and so forth) is undraped while oils or lotions are applied directly to the skin.*

Light Touch Massage

Head, body, feet, and hands appreciate a light touch massage to de-compress after a stressful day or event. A gentle, light touch melts away tension to calm the body, emotions, and mind. The lightest oils or powders are used with meditative music. The client is unclothed and covered by a drape, or wears workout shorts.

Hot Stone Massage

An ancient practice re-introduced to meet the challenges of today’s stress, hot stone massage deeply relaxes the muscles preparing the body to heal and rejuvenate. Smooth, heated and oiled stones glide over the skin to melt away tension in the back, legs, arms, and face. Refreshing cool or cold stones may be included to reduce inflammation and invigorate the body. (24 hour notice required)

Therapeutic Foot and Hand Reflexology using Advanced Techniques

Therapeutic foot reflexology applies advanced techniques to relax the body to facilitate healing, improve flexibility of the feet and legs (or hands and arms), and break up deposits to allow nature to balance and heal the body. Therapeutic aromatherapy is applied. Treatment is given by a certified Reflexologist. Come prepared to bare the feet and lower legs.**

Foot Spa Treatment

A warm foot soak softens and relaxes the feet. Gentle relaxation and reflexology loosen the muscles of the foot to improve flexibility and motion. Therapeutic aromatherapy oils complete the treatment. Come prepared to bare the feet and lower legs.**

Hands Only Spa Treatment

Gentle relaxation and hand reflexology loosens the muscles of the hand and works the reflexes. Improves flexibility of the hand and wrist. Therapeutic aromatherapy oils complete the treatment. Come prepared to bare the hands and arms to the elbows.**

Therapeutic and Medical Massage (includes Myofascial Release, Trigger Point, Stretching)

Tight muscles, connective tissue, and constricted fascia contribute to pain and discomfort, and restricted range of motion. This massage loosens tight muscles and assists in recovery. Our style of myofascial release and trigger point therapy is gentle. The body is unclothed under a drape at all times.**

Deep Tissue, Scar Tissue, and Recovery

A therapeutic massage that relaxes tension in the superficial muscles, loosens fascia and connective tissue, and then works the deeper muscles. This treatment is for people with dense muscles, injuries, sport enthusiasts, and martial artists choosing massage for pain relief, recovery, and maintenance. Athletic shorts are recommended. ***


The aim is maximum physical performance of amateurs, weekend performers, and professionals of all ages and disciplines. Helps protect against injuries and pain while boosting performance. Sports enthusiasts, martial artists, dancers, musicians, actors, and other performing artists. Helpful to those who have high levels of physical exertion in their daily work. Athletic shorts recommended. ***

Pre-Event Massage – Light, brisk massage performed up to 24 hours before a sporting event that stimulates blood and nerve supply to prepare the body for work.

Post-Event Massage – Light, brisk massage performed after an event that calms the body and flushes lactic acid and excess fluids from the tissues, restores muscle tone, and restores range of motion. Prepares the body to rest.

Corrective and Maintenance – Deep tissue, corrective, and maintenance work is performed at least 24 hours after a treatment. This helps the body heal and improves range of motion.


Oriental pressure point massage (also known as body reflexology) for the body, face, hands, and feet. Promotes relaxation while improving energy.

Stone’s Man Massage™

Specially designed treatment includes deep tissue massage for a man’s back and shoulders and legs and reflexology beneficial to a man’s system and health needs. Hot stones for deep relaxation of low back or shoulders is optional.

Stone’s Woman Massage™

Specially designed treatment includes de-stress relaxation massage, lymphatic flush, and reflexology beneficial to a woman’s needs at her specific time of life. Hot stones for deep relaxation of low back or shoulders is optional.

Lymphatic Massage

A light touch massage that breaks down cellulite, flushes excess fluid and toxins, and increases circulation. Massage can reduce fluid retention and relieve painful swelling. Therapeutic reflexology

* Massage treatments are performed undressed on a massage table with a drape or sheet covering the body at all times. Oils and lotions are applied directly to the skin of the undraped part being worked (arm, leg, back, and so forth).
** The feet/lower leg or hands/arms are bare in reflexology sessions
*** Loose-fitting athletic shorts are recommended (but not required) for treatments involving flexibility stretches and range-of-motion exercises. Drapes cover the body when shorts are not used.



Breathing is essential to life. It is the elixir of life. Every breath you take permeates the body with life-sustaining oxygen that fuels our minds and bodies. An adequate oxygen supply keeps our minds alert, our cells repair and rejuvenation, and our muscles working for longer periods of time, without tiring.

Asian and other cultures believe that the air is infused with a life-sustaining energy of its own. However we look at it, breathing is essential. We teach breathing techniques to be used in the massage and reflexology sessions when our clients want to add this extra dimension to their experience.

This jewel of health infuses the body with life-enriching oxygen and energy, lubricates the joints, and removes blockages to allow energy to flow evenly throughout the body.

Gentle Stretching

Massage and Reflexology treatments often include gentle stretches to loosen tight muscles and improve flexibility and range of motion. This is an enjoyable and gentle way to regain mobility following periods of inactivity (long work periods, travel, illness, and more).

Each Stage of Life

Bodywork (massage, reflexology) is beneficial at each phase of life — pregnancy, infant, children, teens, adults, eldercare, and hospice.


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