Case Study Shows Hand Reflexology Reduces Pain and Stress

Anyone can learn hand reflexology for pain relief and reduced stress. Pressure to reflexes* affect the body, mind, and spirit immediately, offering quick results for most people.

Case Study*: Hand Reflexology and Shoulder Joint Pain

In his thirties, Robert** experienced pain in the right shoulder joint due to excess computing and sustained tension in the upper back. Applying pressure to the shoulder joint reflex revealed a palpable*and tender deposit* in the middle of the shoulder joint reflex. Sustained pressure to this reflex lessened tenderness in the reflex, reduced pain in the shoulder, and improved range of motion in the shoulder and neck. Robert said, “It is amazing how fast reflexology reduces pain and reduces stress at the same time. The body has incredible healing powers.”

Tip: A professional reflexology session includes reflexes for the cervical and upper thoracic vertebrae and more.

Learn How-To: Read Therapeutic Reflexology for hand reflex map*, “Skeletal System” and “Muscular System” chapters for protocol*.

For clinical studies on efficacy of reflexology, read Therapeutic Reflexology.

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*Case Study – A written report of a single person’s experience with a therapy or treatment. Many case studies are short in length.

*Deposit – A palpable structure in the tissue. Characteristics, size, mobility, and tenderness relate to the condition. For more information, see Therapeutic Reflexology, Chapter 2.

*Palpate (palpable) – To examine by touch.

*Protocol – A series of steps performed to achieve a desired outcome.

*Reflex(es) – Specialized tissue in the hands (and feet) that have a defined relationship to another part of the body. Reflexes for the entire body are located in both hands, and also both feet. See Reflex Map.

Reflex Map – A picture of the reflexes. Reflex maps identify the location of reflexes and the part of the body it related to. A reflex map exists for the hands and another for the feet. The Therapeutic Reflexology book has more than 12 unique color reflex maps.

**While names are fictitious to protect privacy, experiences are real and verifiable. Each is based on personal interview and/or experience by the author/therapist.

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