Zone Therapy, Meridian Therapy, and Reflexology Course

Zone Therapy, Meridian Therapy, and Reflexology Course identifies the relationship among and applications for the three therapies.

Novices and multi-credentialed professionals alike appreciated the Zone Therapy, Meridian Therapy, and Reflexology course. Going deeper, the course explores the underlying science and intention of the three therapies. A discussion explores applications, individually and together, to balance the body.

Extract: “Reflexology presents a holistic view of health and seeks to balance the body. Each part of the healthy body is in perfect balance and tone … neither too taut nor too lax. … Balance is achieved by strengthening (tonifying) what is hypotonic [weak or lax] and sedating (relaxing) what is hypertonic (overactivity or overly taut).” Therapeutic Reflexology, p. 24.

A bonus is the clear statement of the ten principles of zone therapy. Four color illustrations demonstrate both western and eastern anatomical views.

This course sets the stage for “Forms of Reflexology,” which surveys foot and hand reflexology, plus five more reflexive therapies.

What Others Say About this Course

“The relationship between zone therapy, reflexology, and the meridians is truly interesting. The course is well compiled and facts are well explained.”  Gregory C., New York, USA

“You have made learning [new material] easy to understand.” Shirley R., Iowa, MO USA

Of most value is learning the “effectiveness of zone therapy in blocking the transmission of pain to the brain and achieving a natural analgesic effect.” ARCB certified reflexologist, New York, USA

“The course made me think of how to apply the principles of zone therapy on scar tissue. The value of working the specific reflex helps with scare tissue of organ removal.” Dori B., New York, USA

“I gained a deeper understanding of the “horizontal and vertical zones and how to use them. Well illustrated.” Chunmei N., Nevada, USA

“It is amazing to learn how much reflexology can improve the body and [help] keep the body in balance.” Tammy F. B., Africa

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