Theories of Reflexology Course

Beginners and re-certifying reflexologists go deeper with The Stone Institute’s theories of reflexology course. The course opens with a brief, but in-depth, exploration of the objective of reflexology, which is to balance the body. An underlying principle is to lessen (or heal) impediments to balance (health), including deposits.

Extract: “A reflex is a specific area that when worked produces a change in the body. The reflex is not on the skin, but in the tissue.” Therapeutic Reflexology, p. 16.  A high quality color illustration shows the location of a deposit in the human skin.

Learning Objectives

  1. Know the terms and definitions in the glossary.
  2. Know the definition of reflexology.
  3. State the definitions of the energy medicine model and anatomical model.
  4. Name six theories that describe how and why reflexology works and three main points about each theory.

What Others Say About this Course

“I love the way the book is laid out. A nice read and easy to understand and grasp the information.”  Lisa R., New York, USA

“It is a well written course. Easy to understand the concepts.” Deborah P., Connecticut, USA

As a long-distance learner, “what I like is the knowledge and expertise that we can attain and learn from this book. It is amazing to learn how reflexology works and that deposits hinder balance in the body.” Tammy F. B., Africa

 “This course made me rethink on a deeper level how different theories may apply to reflexology. The material is presented in a very interesting way.” Dori B, New York, USA

 “This was a great refresher course. Very informative. I enjoy learning facts I wasn’t aware of before. English is my second language. Your book is great!” Elvine H., Nevada, USA

“Theories of Reflexology explains the difference between the physiological model vs the energetic model. Each producing the same ultimate outcome, the same goal. I am always happy to learn about the universality of reflexology.” Nancy W., Massachusetts, USA

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Next Course

This course provides the foundation for the next course, TR-SC3_Zone_Therapy_Meridian_Therapy_and_Reflexology.

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