Therapeutic Reflexology Book – Research

Therapeutic Reflexology: A Step-by-Step Guide to Professional Competence contains the following articles under “Clinical Perspective.” Each article demonstrates the use of reflexology in clinical or medical settings for the indicated health challenge.

Chapter 14: The Body

· Reflexology and Pain Relief
· Reflexology and Research

Chapter 15: Integumentary System

· Reflexology and Acne
· Reflexology and Eczema
· Reflexology and Psoriasis

Chapter 16: Skeletal System

· Reflexology and Senile Femur Fracture
· Reflexology and Spondylopathy

Chapter 17: Muscular System

· Reflexology Reduces Pain, Improves Sleep in Fibromyalgia Patients

Chapter 18: Nervous System

· Reflexology and Nervous Exhaustion
· Reflexology and Migraines

Chapter 19: Cardiovascular System

· Reflexology and the Heart

Chapter 20: Sensory System

· Reflexology and Glaucoma
· Reflexology and Drug Toxic Deafness

Chapter 21: Respiratory System

· Reflexology Effective for Respiratory Challenges

Chapter 22: Endocrine System

· Reflexology and Diabetes

Chapter 23: Lymphatic System and Immunity

· Reflexology Relieves Symptoms in Cancer Patients

Chapter 24: Digestive System

· Reflexology and Digestive Challenges

Chapter 25: Urinary System

· Reflexology and Kidney Stones
· Reflexology Increases Renal Blood Flow

Chapter 26: Reproductive System

· Reflexology and the Reproductive System