Therapeutic Reflexology Book – Protocols

Therapeutic Reflexology: A Step-by-Step Guide to Professional Competence contains Protocols (a series of steps to perform) for selected health challenges:

Chapter/Appendix Protocol

7.1 Greet the Client (begin a session)

7.2 Greet the Feet (begin a session)

7.3 Reflexology Relaxation Protocol

7.4 Conclude the Session

14.3 Protocol for the Entire Body

14.4 Short Protocol for the Entire Body

15.1 Integumentary System Protocol

16.1 Skeletal System Protocol

17.2 Temporomandicular Joint Disorder (TMJD) Protocol

18.5 Nervous System Protocol

18.6 Head and Neck Protocol

18.7 Headache Protocol

18.8 Tremors Protocol

19.1 Cardiovascular System Protocol

20.3 Sensory System Protocol

21.2 Respiratory System Protocol

22.4 Endocrine System Protocol

23.1 Lymphatic System and Immunity Protocol

24.3 Digestive System Protocol

25.2 Urinary System Protocol

26.3 Menarche Protocol

26.4 Mastectomy Protocol

26.5 Enlarged Prostate Protocol

Appendix E Table of Health Challenges