Forms of Reflexology Course Identifies Seven Reflexive Therapies

Did you know that there are many reflexive therapies? Foot and hand reflexology are just two disciplines under this broader umbrella. This course introduces reflexive therapies and explains how foot and hand reflexology (and others) fit into this broader view of natural therapies.

Extract: “The main objective of reflexology and reflexive therapies is to help the body achieve homeostasis and improve well-being. Each discipline has its techniques, protocols, and reflex map or chart that identifies the location of reflexes or vital energy points.” Therapeutic Reflexology, p. 32

Beautiful, full color anatomical reflex maps illustrate foot reflexes, hand reflexes, auricular points, sclerology (eyes), organs depicted in the tongue, and vital energy points on the body (shiatsu).  View and purchase reflex maps at our store.

This course sets the stage for “Reflexology, Massage, and Allied Practices,” which distinguishes reflexology from allied therapies.


What Others Say About this Course

“This course is an excellent introduction, overview, and review.” Brenda D., New York, USA

“The reflex maps are the best I’ve seen.” Kimberly R., Iowa, USA

“I really enjoyed reading about different therapies and studying the reflex maps.” Dori B. New York, USA

The course makes it “easy to grasp the distinction between reflexology and massage.”  Lisa R., New York, USA

“This course taught me that reflexology and massage are very different. I learned about other forms of reflexology that I did not know. Wonderful detailed illustrations!” Chunmei N., Nevada, USA

“Good information on other forms of reflexology.” Lesly G., Minnesota, USA

“A wonderful explanation of the various forms of reflex mapping and the history of each modality.” Deborah P. Connecticut, USA

“I learned about “other forms of reflexive therapies – auriculotherapy, iridology, and sclerology – and will learn more about these to incorporation into my practice.” Shirley R. Iowa, USA

“I enjoyed the discussion about different therapies. It peaked my interest to learn more about auriculotherapy and tongue assessment.” Nancy W., Massachusetts, USA


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This course provides the foundation for the next course, “Reflexology, Massage, and Allied Practices.”


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