Reflexology & Headaches

Reflexology & Headaches

Massage & Bodywork (July/August 2011) ~ Used with massage, or on its own, this modality can be gentle and effective in relieving the crippling pain of headaches. At least 78% of the adult population will experience a tension headache at some point in their lives; 13% of the US population – or 29.5 million Americans […]

Massage Magazine April 2011

Benefits of Reflexology with Massage Therapy

Massage Magazine (April, 2011) ~ Reflexology is one of the most popular forms of bodywork, with industry statistics showing about half of massage therapists practice this modality. Reasons for doing so include reflexology’s effectiveness at addressing a variety of conditions, and its portability… CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE!


The Motives and Benefits of Volunteering

RAA News Magazine (Winter, 2009) ~ In this article, Paula Stone explores the motives and benefits of volunteering as well as true stories of how volunteering has changed lives.  “Life comes at us fast and furious. Like passengers on a bullet train, the people, feelings, events that form the landscape of our life streaks by […]


The Importance of Standards of Practice

RAA News Magazine (Spring, 2009) ~ In this article, Stone discusses the importance of standards of practice in reflexology and offers a list of best practices to help other reflexologists maintain superior standards for their own services. “Each profession maintains standards of practice. Rules and regulations for reflexology practice vary among states and local ordinances. […]

Feet First

St. Louis Post Dispatch (December 6, 2004) ~ Reflexology focuses on pressure points in the feet to ease stress and other conditions When is a foot rub more than a foot rub? When it’s reflexology, an ancient form of body work gaining in popularity as consumers continue to explore complementary therapies. Evidence supporting the value […]